Renter’s Coverage – What’s the Deal?

Break ins are on the rise all over the Delaware Valley it seems. Every day on the news, we are hearing shocking numbers about theft and burglary in Delaware County and all up and down the Main Line. Lower Merion, Radnor, Wayne, Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square have all seen a huge uptick in residential theft related crimes in the past few years. What’s even more alarming is that the arrest and conviction rates are around 10%-20% according to local police departments. In short, these victims of theft are likely never going to see their belongings again.

Laptop computers,  jewelry, iPods, game consoles and much more go walking out the door leaving folks with feelings of anger and anxiety. Homeowners generally tend to handle these situations with their homeowners policies. But, what does a renter’s policy cover? The answer is a renter’s policy will cover all of the same property generally speaking. Most renter’s policies cover around $25 K in property loss due to theft, fire, etc. What’s more is that these policy additions to an existing policy such as auto, can range from as little as $5-$10 per month for appropriate coverage.

Additionally, renter’s insurance can cover instances of loss of use (fire damages your apartment and you need to live elsewhere temporarily). It can also cover certain instances of guest injury depending on the policy.

In short, if you rent a home or apartment, you should make sure that you are covered. Speak with your insurance agent today about options today or call 610-566-8710.