Homeowners Insurance

We help homeowners understand their risks and find the right kind of coverage

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Homeowners Insurance: Custom Coverage, Competitive Pricing

In the good old days, a moat and a few good archers were all you needed to protect your castle from dangers. But today, things are a bit more complicated. To protect your home and your assets from damage and loss, you need a homeowner’s policy that provides protection against all sorts of risks.

At Dougherty & Company Insurance Services Inc., we help homeowners understand their risks and find the right kind of coverage to help ensure they’re protected from a wide range of potential problems, including theft, fire, liability and much more. And we do it all at the most competitive prices.

Truly Customized Policies

The type and extent of insurance coverage homeowners need is based on many variables. Our agents work with each of our clients to gather the important information that can help guide coverage decisions. That means that when you work with us, you can expect truly customized insurance coverage that’s aimed at addressing your unique needs.

We also help homeowners understand the limitations of a general insurance policy so they can determine when additional coverage options are needed.

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More Options for Better Coverage

At Dougherty & Company, we offer lots of options to help you customize your coverage including:

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an inexpensive way to provide an added level of protection beyond the liability protection of a general homeowner’s policy.

Valuable Items

As the name implies, valuable items insurance protects against loss of antiques, jewelry, guns, art, furs and other valuables not covered under a general policy.

Flood Insurance

If you live in a designated flood zone, your mortgage company will require you to have flood insurance to protect against flood-related loss.

Condo Insurance

The needs of condo owners are different from those of other homeowners. We can help you understand the types of coverage you need to protect the contents of your condo, as well as built-ins like appliance and cabinets.

Sewer and Drain Backup

This important endorsement pays if your sump pump overflows (even due to power failure) or if water enters through another drain in your house.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost of Dwelling

This coverage pays the cost of rebuilding your home after a disaster, no matter what the cost may be, without caps or limitations.