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Automobile Insurance

Auto Insurance – Regular cars, classic and antique cars.  Some companies give multi-car discounts if you only own 1 car but have access to another through work.  Determining which discounts you and your family qualify for can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Alternate Garaging Discount – If your son or daughter are away at school with your car, you may get a discount if the car is parked in a more rural college setting.  

Away-at-College-Discount – This discount applies if your son or daughter lives at least 100 miles away from home and he or she is without a vehicle.

Lay Up Discount – We can temporarily cancel coverage on one of your cars while you are not using it for reasons of seasonal usage or even an in instances such as an extended vacation.

High Risk – Have you had an accident or suspended license?  We work with insurers who will work with you.  As your driving record improves we will work hard to get you the best rates available.


Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance – We offer discounts for driver safety certification and Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club Membership!


Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance – We pride ourselves on being very competitive on insurance for Sailboats, Motorboats and Yachts.  Discounts for Coast Guard Safety Certification, GPS and Vapor Detectors.


Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners  Insurance – Our agents work with you when it comes to your most valuable investment.  Each policy is customized based on the individual home.  A general homeowners insurance policy (HO 3 form) will cover all risks except for those which are specifically excluded such as flood, home aging and certain pest infestation.

Back up of Sewers and Drains Coverage – Many homeowners forget to purchase back up of sewers and drains coverage.  This important endorsement pays if your sump pump overflows  (even due to power failure)  of if water enters through another drain in your house.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost of Dwelling  – This very important coverage is available through only a few insurers.  After an event, this coverage pays to rebuild your home NO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS!  We prefer to offer this coverage through Encompass, whereas other insurers will put a cap on the amount they are willing to pay.

Flood Insurance – Your mortgage company will require you to have flood insurance should you live on a flood zone.

Condo Insurance – Condominium Insurance policies are commonly prepared incorrectly.  As a unit owner, you are responsible to insure everything on the inside of the unit-not just the contents, valuables and appliances, but also the built ins such as cabinets, fixtures, tile and hardwood floors.  You will need two separate limits:  one for contents and another for built ins.

Umbrella Policy- Offers high limits of liability ($1 million and up) in case a lawsuit is filed against you.  For only a few hundred dollars a year, it’s generally worth it.

Valuable Items Policies – These policies cover possessions such as jewelry, guns, art, furs and much more.