Attention Property Owners: Be Aware of Winter’s Challenges

Winter has certainly made an early appearance in the Delaware Valley this year. With two winter storms already under our belts, one has to wonder what Old Man Winter has in store for us between now and April. In the meantime, property owners should be careful in keeping up with the necessary maintenance that comes with these colder temperatures as well as the snow and ice.

  • Be sure to have an arborist to tree services professional look at the trees on your property. Dead limbs and dying trees can end up doing serious damage to vehicles and building s this time of year especially when they have gone without maintenance for an extended period of time. Be sure to also consider any branches from neighboring properties that hang over your property. These too can be cut back to the property line in most cases.
  • Hey Business Owners! Clearing sidewalks and other walkways after snow and ice storms is necessary to ensure safety for pedestrians, employees, tenants and clients.
  • Don’t forget awnings and slanted roofs. Ice can collect in these areas and release posing a serious hazard for anyone standing or walking underneath.

It’s always a drag to have a claim against your policy. Do your part to avoid accidents and damage this time of year and you will truly be able to enjoy the holiday season.